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How TecDis Began

The network was established in 2008 with a carefully selected group of high calibre specialist logistics partners located throughout Europe. The relationship was formalised and that group officially adopted the name of TecDis in 2010.

Since then, TecDis has significantly influenced and progressed the development of high tech logistics in Europe and beyond. 

For more than 10 years, this group of logistics specialists has provided successful solutions for technical distribution; always in close partnership with leading companies in various fields of our expertise, such as Healthcare and IT & Data.

Our Ambition

To always be the strategic partner of choice to gain competitive advantages for our customers, based on continuous quality leadership and forward thinking solutions. TecDis is already the leading network for technical distribution and value-add services across Europe. We see our TecDis network as your one stop partner to provide a solution for all your European requirements.

Our ambition is to provide you with the high quality solution to match the critical to quality services that your organisation requires to succeed in today’s business world.

The Combined Resources

Over the past 10 years, our capabilities and competitive advantage have developed continuously. We have grown with the challenges and needs of our customers and the industries that they serve. Today we are market leader in the most important European markets for technical distribution services, for sensitive High tech and Healthcare products. We expand our network continually to meet the ever increasing demands of our customers.

Offering a consistent service and level of high quality throughout the network, TecDis provides a one stop shop for European High Tech distribution and value added services.

With the combined partner expertise in the High Tech, HealthCare, Telecommunication, Printing, Banking and Retail, Fitness and Power sectors, the TecDis network is the primary value added services solution in Europe. 

The Combined Target

TecDis is the logical consequence of the close co-operation already practised by the partners in the high tech sector. Together we focus on end-to-end services, seamless and reliable for our common customer base. With the European brand “TecDis”, we will set an example to further extend our leadership position in the future. 

We will do this through: 

  • The consistent development of joint resources including personnel, fleet and state-of-the-art secure logistics terminals and platforms
  • Specific further development of our value added service activities 
  • The continued creation of tailor made and innovative solutions for our customers

Our European Network is your Advantage

What separates TecDis from the competition is our network. Convenience, quality and the best services are provided by our European network of specialist logistic partners. Instead of having to go through the hassle of dealing with multiple arrangements and contracts with individual partners across Europe, our network offers you the ability to rely on one point of contact for all your European requirements—including technical distribution, full technical installation and value added services. What does this mean for you? 

You get the same consistent, quality service level TecDis is known for, no matter where you are in Europe—whether you’re in Portugal, the UK or Italy. You don’t have to deal with the headaches of finding multiple logistic partners. You don’t have to worry if the handful of logistic companies you contract are coordinating effectively on your project. You don’t have to be uncertain if all your providers are providing the same level of service. Instead, you save time, money and frustration, and work with one reliable logistic specialist. That’s the power of our network. 

To ensure the best possible service, we have chosen our partners carefully so that they provide the same high quality service that will satisfy your logistic needs. Each partner has years of expertise and is ready to serve you. 

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