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Parking Barrier and Access Control Installation Across our European Network

As a full-service logistics provider for all of Europe, TecDis uses best industry practices to collect, transport, deliver, install and maintain equipment of every type. Our qualified teams and modern fleet of vehicles mean that goods both large and small can be transported with relative ease and installed in the location as designated by our clients.

Among our areas of specialty is access control. Ticket vending machines (TVMs) and ticket barrier systems fall within our access control installation services. We also handle other types of equipment such as electronic information boards and traffic management systems. In addition, we provide parking barrier installation services.

Our experience in the sector

As leaders among access control installation companies, the TecDis network builds upon decades of experience across Europe. On every service, from parking meter installation to passenger control barrier systems, we use carefully developed and refined delivery practices to regulate procedures and ensure high-quality performance every time.

Our experience also allows us to handle the finer and more sensitive aspects of access control logistics wherever necessary. As collection, transport and delivery are each highly delicate processes, our expertise becomes essential through the course of each project.

Premium access control services

Our access control system installation operations are typically carried out in public places such as transport terminals. These include stations for trains, buses and trams, as well as car parks. When delivering goods, we handle pre-installation and configuration, as well as swap-outs when replacing old for new equipment. These services are followed up with on-site maintenance and break-fix, including software updates.

As a leading provider for leading transportation and parking solutions specialists across Europe, TecDis can also carry out pre-delivery systems upgrades to support the manufacturers with the roll-out of new equipment. These value added services are the core of the TecDis service offering and provide our customers with additional support when looking to roll-out large projects which are also time sensitive.

Additional services on offer include the removal and recycling of old equipment, to be processed in our regional TecDis centres. These services are representative of our commitment to full and complete care, long after the last part has been delivered and installed.

Experienced, highly trained personnel

Each TecDis member and its team has been rigorously trained by the relevant manufacturer in each product sector to have in-depth knowledge of the product, ensuring safe handling and ability to perform rapid on-site maintenance and break-fix requirements. Our members are qualified to work in security-sensitive areas and are also monitored from our operations control centres. This ensures that logistics projects are carried out as planned and are performed smoothly without incident.

Specialist vehicles and equipment

Every aspect of our logistics services relies on purpose-built equipment, as well as specialist vehicles that are made to carry sensitive machinery in complete safety. When our vehicles arrive at the customer premises, we take utmost care to transport the product from the truck to the final point of use where it is to be installed.

This process depends on the skill and expertise that TecDis members have spent years developing and perfecting to a class standard where customers can completely trust us to complete their instructions and impress their end customers with their supply chain solutions. Our equipment extends beyond the mere carrying of the product, but also to guarding against scrapes and scratches along the floors and walls during delivery. TecDis members have invested in tools and tackle to safeguard against damage to customer sites, from floor protection to tilting equipment to guarantee safe passage through doorways.

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