Kiosk, Digital Screen and Projector Delivery and Installation Europe Wide

Digital signs and kiosks are some of the most efficient and effective ways to display and communicate messages to your target audience. The TecDis network gives customers access to many skilled engineers across Europe who are experts in digital screen installations.

Our members’ combined experience provides us with well-rounded, joined-up network knowledge.

Some of the products our engineers have worked on include projector and screen installations along with touch screen installations. With this comprehensive understanding, TecDis members provide installation services for a range of sites, from outdoor squares and public spaces, to indoor public locations including libraries, hospitals and pubs. 

Digital signage and kiosk logistics

Choosing TecDis for your outdoor advertising installation needs provides several benefits. As a full-service logistics network, TecDis provides end-to-end service via our members across the continent. Many of our members have multiple locations in their respective countries, delivering additional convenience and flexibility, all of which provides cost saving opportunities for our customers against their existing supply chain solutions.

Our digital signage installation and kiosk service begins when the product arrives at our warehouse. Our warehouses are fitted with the latest WMS technologies, enabling us to effectively manage our customer’s inventory. These warehouses are also equipped with pre-staging areas, allowing our technicians to assemble products prior to delivery and installation.

In addition to supporting customers in the digital signage sector, TecDis also have experience and knowhow in performing a number of kiosk installation services. Our dedication to improve quality for our customers combined with experience over multiple high tech sectors’ places us amongst the leading kiosk installation companies.

Projector and Outdoor LED Screen Installation

Our delivery teams can also transport the projector and screens directly from manufacturing site to the customer site, further increasing the speed and efficiency of the projector screen installation service.

Every one of our members operates a specialised fleet of vehicles to transport equipment of all sizes. The vehicles range from small vans to large 40 foot hard bodied trailers, allowing for large commercial LED screen installation along with smaller sized kiosk delivery services.
With securing straps and corner board protection in the vehicles, TecDis ensures that digital signage delivery is transported safely to site. Where needed, our knowledgeable and experienced technicians perform site surveys prior to installation to ensure the process goes smoothly on the nominated delivery date.

TecDis also provides reverse logistics services at the end of the product’s lifecycle. When screens, projectors or kiosks no longer function or are surplus to requirements, TecDis can remove the equipment and arrange for disposal in line with WEEE regulations.

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