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For the fitness and wellness industry TecDis is your ideal partner to provide exercise equipment delivery and setup along with all other related logistical needs. The TecDis network of leading high tech logistics partners combines a wealth of experience and resources to provide end-to-end logistics solutions across Europe, from the Sweden to Spain

All of our logistics services are handled by a central project management team that registers and monitors movement throughout the entire supply chain. To further ensure smooth coordination, communications are passed through a singular multi-lingual control tower that has direct contact with our members in each of the countries.

Logistics services for the fitness sector

TecDis provides total gym installation services, from fitness equipment delivery and assembly to final removal or gym equipment relocation. Through our decades of combined experience in the sector, the TecDis network has developed a reliable process to safely and efficiently provide fitness equipment services.

This method is adaptable and will be optimised to suit the site of the installation. If needed, our solutions specialists will perform site inspections prior to delivery to ensure everything will run smoothly, adapting our service processes where required and also utilising specialist handling equipment where the site dictates its use. For instance, after inspecting the space, our engineers decide whether the equipment has to be assembled beforehand or not. This flexibility allows TecDis to work in various settings, from installing equipment for large fitness centres, to multi gym installation in flats.  

Where necessary, customer product can be pre-assembled within our high tech warehouses. After our technicians have tested the equipment is fully functional, our expert installers will deliver and complete all gym equipment installation services at customer premises.

And as you would expect from an end to end service provider, TecDis also swaps out old equipment, recycling or refurbishing where specified. Our technicians are skilled to be able to support customers with periodic maintenance of their equipment.

Case study

TecDis support a leading U.S. exercise equipment brand. With their recent launch into Europe, they chose TecDis as their main logistics provider. TecDis helped our customer roll out their products across the continent. Starting in Germany and adding a new country every quarter, our expansive TecDis network has helped the brand successfully launch its European logistics supply chain model.

In addition to the skilled resource of technicians and installation crew, the gym equipment delivery was further supported by our network’s shared fleet of high tech specialised vehicles. All of our vehicles, from small vans to large trailers, are equipped with straps and padding to ensure even unpacked fitness equipment can be transported safely. The varying sizes of specialised vehicles allow fitness equipment of all sizes to be easily transported.

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