Robotics and Technology Delivery across our European Network

As Europe’s most dependable logistics provider, the TecDis network offers prompt, safe and secure delivery of all types of products throughout the continent. We work closely with a collection of Europe-wide manufacturers on a large variety of products, in order to provide a complete value-added logistics service to every one of our customers.

With over 10 years performing sensitive logistics operations all over Europe, TecDis operates according to industry best practices and offers the very best security available during transport and delivery periods. Our on-the-ground logistics teams have extensive familiarity with each type of product we deliver, allowing us to provide high quality services even after delivery – from calibration all the way through to software checks.

No matter your location, TecDis installation teams provide complete collection, transport and delivery services for machinery both large and small – including robotics. As a full-service logistics network, we help you care for your product after it arrives through cleaning, setup and maintenance. We also perform diagnostics and install software updates as necessary – and when the machine’s useful life comes to an end, we’ll come around and collect it for recycling.

Our installation services

The installation period includes delivery into site and unpacking of product, followed by positioning and installation. End-user instruction is also included before signing off on the delivery procedure, and we welcome questions about proper use of equipment as we wish to be an extension of our customer to the end client.

In addition to on site services such as connection to power and local area networks (LAN), we also provide periodic maintenance and software updates helping extend the lifetime of the product. Transport direct from EDC to customer is available as a logistics solution for our customers.

When the time comes for removal of old equipment for refurbishment or recycling, our TecDis teams will return to your site and carefully transport the product back to our vehicle, from which point we will bring it to the appropriate service team for further processing.

Experienced, highly trained personnel

Our logistics teams are highly trained in handling and installing both robotics and 3D printer installation, along with airport scanners, x-ray machines, automated medical dispensing cabinets, and many more types of equipment across various business sectors.

Our expertise comes from carefully designed procedures for safe and secure moving of equipment, as well as many years of experience assisting clients throughout the wider robotics sector. We take extraordinary precautions to deliver items without delay to agreed delivery timeframes, whilst importantly guaranteeing the integrity of the product remains.

Specialist equipment / vehicles

We use advanced handling equipment to carry out logistics procedures, from initial collection to final installation. This includes small-scale transportation equipment for use inside buildings and parking areas, which allow for safe pickup and delivery in locations such as offices, hospitals, design facilities, pharmacies, airports, exhibition halls, stadiums, and others areas. These tools allow us to move even heavy machinery across floors without causing damage, and to transport delicate goods up and down stairs if elevators are not functioning or are not available.

TecDis trucks are specially built for secure transport of all types of goods. Our drivers take the utmost care during transit to ensure a smooth journey, so that your equipment arrives safely at its destination.

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