Europe-wide Telecommunications Network Installation Services

At TecDis, we provide a full range of logistics services across business sectors, offering complete pickup, delivery and positioning for all types of products and machinery. Our telecommunications specialists can provide additional value-added functions, including network installation services for your new equipment so that your customer can enjoy your product as soon as we leave site.

Our close relationship with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) allows us to attend to every detail as we perform electronic installation services at your location. Across all of Europe, our teams can perform the necessary procedures spanning a number of installation requirements.

Our experience in the sector

Our years of service throughout the telecommunications industry has led to the development of complex and refined procedures across our network. These steps can be adjusted depending on location and customer requirements, while allowing us to deliver and place into position of use. High value, delicate and sensitive equipment is safe when trusting TecDis.

Locations as varied as exchange towers, high buildings, secure sites and off-road areas are all well within our reach, thanks to our advanced tools to aid in delivery, and our experienced team members located throughout Europe.

Quality telecommunications services

After delivery, we provide all necessary services to ensure the proper functioning of equipment. These include unpacking, positioning and installation, as well as large scale rollouts. Additional steps in the process involve switch equipment installation, setup and initiating of communication upgrades, inventory management, risk assessments based on site surveys, and full documentation for all services performed.

We also offer removal and recycling or disposal of old equipment for further processing. In short, we assist with each stage of the lifecycle of your electronic telecommunications equipment.

Experienced personnel

TecDis logistics teams are specifically trained in their area of operations, giving them unparalleled expertise with your network equipment. From switchgear to street cabinets, telecoms racks and cabs, our delivery specialists can initiate proper setup and perform any necessary maintenance.

We can also perform successful decommissioning and/or dismantling of equipment, as necessary. For large scale rollouts of new equipment, we can work with the manufacturer’s trainer and provide train-a-trainer philosophy in-house. We have supported many customers across Europe in this manner and continue to do so for our customers to support them.

Specialist equipment / vehicles

Designed to be secure and versatile, our members’ fleets of specialist vehicles can provide for delivery of telecommunications equipment to a wide range of possible destinations across Europe. These vehicles are all fitted out with bespoke fittings that allow us to handle customer product effectively, regardless of the size or weight. Our experience tells us how to proactively manage each product that comes into us.

Delivery to the precise spot involves careful operations of a separate set of equipment which facilitates movement of the product within and around buildings. Our tools include resources for management of the immediate environment of the product during its move, so that its installation in a building causes no damage to the surrounding floors, walls, or doorways, for example.

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