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For more than 25 years Polysys has been partnering with manufacturers and distributors to deliver undeniable expertise in systems technology.

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Polysys is the ideal partner for all logistic issues, from the standard delivery to the unpacked special transport with installation or any other value added service on site. We store and move data processing equipment, computers, medical technique, consumer electrics, control engineering equipment and other delicate items. The products are carefully handled by our professional team, which is trained on a regular basis. Our special characteristics are professionalism, efficiency and reliability.

Especially when exchanging PC’s, our customers rely on a fast process flow. Polysys arranges for a smooth exchange without any interruption of work. Manufacturer, service-provider and consumers of IT-systems and other high tech products profit from our services:

  • Rollouts and value added services on site
  • Staging center with various technical services
  • Wiping of data
  • Pre-installation of various software
  • Installation of appliances
  • Reverse and repair logistics inclusive of export formalities
  • Cleaning and refurbishing of high-tech goods
  • Exchange service (SWAP)
  • Branch specific equipment
  • Storage logistics
  • High security in all warehouses: personalized access authorization, video recording, alarm systems etc.

The customers also benefit from our close connections. As a partner of TecDis we have an extensive European network with correspondents in major cities of the European continent also including international shipments of these products. These services will be credited with a high level of quality and price competitiveness for repeated shipments to specific shipments.

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