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Rhenus Lupprians

Rhenus Lupprians is proud of its heritage and ‘delivery’ is still our business. Recognising that simply ensuring the safe and reliable transportation and in-room placement of Hi-tech systems is no longer sufficient.

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Rhenus Lupprians also concentrate in providing personalised dedicated customer care aligned with cutting-edge bespoke IT solutions, supported by a documented quality process. These are all key elements in Rhenus Lupprians service offering and vital to its success in today’s business world.

Rhenus Lupprians experience lies within the depth of knowledge and real-time support provided by its highly motivated teams. Rhenus Lupprians performance over the years proves the message is noticeably clear – successful delivery of systems and products on time, every time without exception. To achieve this, there has been continuous investment in the development of in-house systems that directly connect operational activities to the customer’s key personnel, providing a seamless flow of information and transparency. This is all backed up with supporting performance metrics built around agreed KPI’s, tracking and recording performance that are all reviewed during structured meetings.

The Rhenus Lupprians business philosophy is to provide streamlined logistic services, where significant business advantages and efficiencies can be achieved from purpose-designed solutions delivered as a managed service from a true business partner. Rhenus Lupprians continually drives quality and innovation throughout its business to remain the UK’s market leader dedicated to specialist logistics.

As a result of this committed style of management, significant revenue growth in all areas of our operation has been achieved combined with exceptional customer retention.

Rhenus Lupprians proudly represents TecDis in the United Kingdom

Rhenus Lupprians
Keiler House
Challenge Road, Ashford
TW15 1AX
United Kingdom

Email: info@tecdisnetwork.com 



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