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Full Technical Installation of a CT within a POD

The Rhenus Lupprians team has successfully completed final mile delivery and full technical installation of a new GE Revolution EVO CT system into Bridgewater Community Hospital, with a new POD design.  The new POD solution is a response from our customer due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it enables the CT to be clinically accepted in a shorter period of time.

The team kicked off this project by conducting a site survey on the 15th May, with a confirmed delivery date set for 23rdMay.  The advanced preparation allowed Rhenus to plan crew resource levels, correct PPE, transportation vehicles and specialist handling equipment required to enable the delivery and installation.

Due to the requirements and complexities of this project that were identified within the site survey performed by Rhenus, a crane was arranged to help lift the POD. The lift was conducted under full contract conditions and under the command of the appointed individual from the crane company. The crane was positioned and chain blocked over the POD, the crane companies sling was then attached to the chains of the POD and carefully lifted off the vehicle and into position, as agreed. 

Rhenus constructed a landing platform outside of the POD delivery entrance providing sufficient floor protection. Rhenus put to work its brand new specialist 26tn vehicle with bespoke specifications including an extended tail board. The job was completed within three working days.

At Rhenus Lupprians, we have the technical logistics expertise available to provide support throughout the Healthcare Sector, providing project management for every technical requirement, regardless of the environment and conditions we are requested to work in.

You can trust Rhenus Lupprians with your product and can be sure to receive first class final mile delivery and full technical installation services.

Please email us at Sales-RL@uk.rhenus.com to see how we can support you.

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