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HTM - Airport security scanning installations

High Tech Movements (HTM), our TecDis member providing logistics solutions for the High Tech sectors has been showcasing their expertise on some exciting projects.

HTM, supporting Spain and Portugal within the TecDis network, have been installing security scanning machines into passenger control centre's at airports all over Spain. With the product coming in various sizes and customisations, HTM have embraced the challenge in supporting their customers unique request.

The service does not stop at installing the products into site. Prior to delivery and installation, HTM have been building and configuring the machines within their high tech warehouse facilities. After being given training by the manufacturer, HTM technicians have been able to configure the machines themselves, the technicians have then completed multiple tests to ensure the machine is functioning correctly.

Once all tests have been completed, the results are shared with the customer and authorisation granted to ship to site. The machines are then carefully loaded onto the specialist delivery vehicle utilising specialist handling equipment, once on the vehicle the machine is securly strapped ensuring safe transportation during transit from high tech facility to customer site.

When reaching site, a team of 6 technicians diligently work away to complete the installation adhering to site health and safety regulations, installation is achieved in one day. With over 150 delivery and installations to be performed across Spain, HTM are truly contributing to advancing the security infrastructure within Spanish airports. Remarkable work from the HTM team.

For more information on our services and capabilities,  please do not hesitate to contact us at info@tecdisnetwork.com.

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