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Rhenus Lupprians Introduce New Truck to support Last Mile Delivery shipments

Rhenus Lupprians, the UK partner for the TecDis Network is proud to introduce new 18 tonne trucks into their network, who will be supporting their last mile delivery services. These brand new vehicles will enable Rhenus to support the increase in demand for the white glove transportation of heavy equipment, such as medical delivery for healthcare equipment; which is vital during the current global pandemic.  The vehicle spec includes a 3 tonne tail lift which helps improve the flexibility when loading goods on and off the vehicle, increased loading capacity and the latest safety features.

The Rhenus Lupprians driving teams are comprised of proven transportation experts, and therefore often trained professionals in electrics and mechanics. They also have additional teams of technicians who are in charge of the full technical installation and wiring of system components such as MRI and CT scanners. Rhenus have acquired professional knowledge through intensive and periodic product training, which can be said for all the partners across the TecDis network.

Not only do the vehicles look great, but we are sure the increased functionality and flexibility the vehicle design provides will be felt by all the customers.

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