Asset Collections and Recovery across Europe

An increasing number of high-tech electronics manufacturers understand the importance of reverse logistics processes as part of the IT asset management operations. TecDis appreciates the difficulty for customers to manage their own supply chains, that’s why our experience has meant that we manage the supply chain through one central team, making communication more streamlined and connecting all the major cities in Europe.

From IT removals and asset collections to IT asset tracking and storage, each step of the process requires technical expertise to ensure responsible waste management, recycling or disposal of old equipment.

TecDis partners offer value-added end-to-end solutions to help businesses manage both their bottom-line and environmental requirements. As the leading European network for high-tech logistics, we provide the necessary infrastructure, skills and technology to manage the IT asset recovery process with ease.

Meeting strict security and timeline requirements

The banking sector has some distinct requirements for asset management. IT asset recovery involves high levels of security and data protection, so the logistics partner must be experienced and trustworthy to comply to the strict security requirements. All TecDis members specialise in logistics services, including final-mile delivery, installation and commercial asset recovery.

Every one of our TecDis members follows rigorous security protocols to meet our clients’ expectations. When collecting sensitive material from certain sites, the assets are securely locked in a cage with the customer on site. Special seals are locked onto the secure cages prior to leaving site and no access is permitted until delivery to the customer at their designated delivery point.

Our TecDis members manage the physical recovery of customer assets from their point of use back to a secure storage location. Each unit is tested and refurbished or shipped for environmental disposal. Where required, we guarantee full data destruction on any storage media and accurate tracking throughout the entire process of asset recovery. Customers can expect the same high standards and secure services throughout our entire European network.

Time is also a critical factor for many businesses relocating offices, or banks that are moving, expanding or closing their branches. We ensure that removals are handled quickly and efficiently to help our customers meet tight schedules before a building lease expires for example, thus preventing any disruption to services. Our customers include many European financial institutions and their respective technology hardware providers.

Removal and recycling old equipment

Tighter regulations and growing environmental concerns mean businesses must choose carefully when looking for managed asset recovery services. When a product reaches the end of its life, TecDis is on hand to manage the recycling of electrical and electronic products. We have vast experience in the collection and processing of professional and industrial equipment, adhering to environmental best practice at all times. Our recycling processes are environmentally safe and comply with the European Union’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive. Each of the TecDis partners holds a waste carrier's licence and will track all asset movements to help our customers comply with audit requirements.

Specialist Transportation Vehicles

TecDis members have a full range of vehicles from small vans to 13.6m hard sided trailers. All vehicles have internal lock-and-load systems and are equipped with specialist handling equipment including high-lifting platforms, roll cages, and packaging materials which perfectly combine for securely transporting high-value, highly sensitive computer hardware. Each vehicle is tracked by the TecDis central control using GPS technology to provide high visibility and product security of customer product.

Experienced personnel covering every technology and every sector

Our professional staff utilise advanced skills and technical expertise in the handling of unpacked products. This often involves the design and implementation of bespoke logistical operations for large volumes or one-off solutions. As European law dictates for IT asset disposal companies, all of our staff have had their criminal background records vetted and are trained to maintain rigorous security procedures.

Our comprehensive network epitomises quality, commitment and competitiveness through our shared philosophy to deliver superior service standards.

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