Europe-wide Server Delivery and Installation

For complete, comprehensive IT logistics and installation services throughout Europe and beyond, the TecDis network provides an all-in-one service that is unmatched across the continent. Our vast network means that we can provide server logistics and server relocation within or between European countries, using our team of experienced specialist technicians.

Specialists in server logistics

Over the last few decades, we’ve perfected our procedures for server and data rack related activities, making TecDis the preferred option for server collection, and server delivery services across Europe. Every aspect of our service is carefully controlled and monitored by experts in their position, from our highly experienced delivery crews to our customer service teams.

We handle all IT-related products and server delivery tasks with extreme care, with the support of specialist handling equipment to safely complete our service offering. Our dependability allows us to consistently exceed customer expectations.

Services performed in sector

At TecDis, we cover all specialist requirements related to data centre relocation. We begin with detailed site surveys; allowing us to fully understand the characteristics of the client sites and proactively plan to safely complete the relocation request. Our experienced solutions specialist will detail the safest possible way to navigate the product in and out of the respective sites. Then it is down to the technicians to execute the plan. Once on site the team will package the product ready for transit; and then begin the work to transfer the product to our vehicle.

Once in the vehicle, the product will be secured safely until we arrive at the delivery site. Once at the delivery site, our delivery crew unload and relocate the product to its final point of use as designated by the customer.

In addition to these core service, we also handle e-waste, recycling, return merchandise authorisation (RMA), and perform other collection duties on-site with specialised equipment. TecDis members then transport the relevant materials back to their facilities for processing.

Experienced and highly trained personnel

These tasks are carried out with great expertise from our trained team of server relocation specialists. With the equipment and knowhow to handle large, heavy and sensitive products, each of our relocation teams offers world-class service and safety every step of the way.

Each relocation team has the experience to provide complete service for data centres at secure locations. Our experienced team of server movers are familiar with all security procedures, whether that be reporting to site security to complete necessary checks or using special access codes provided by the client to ensure timely access to data centres.

Specialist equipment / vehicles

As each location is different, we use specialist handling equipment for pickup and delivery purposes. This includes a power pusher to use on non-even floors such as ramps and inclines; stair robots to navigate stairs if no lifts are available; tilting equipment for use under doors if the product is tall; floor protection to guard against scratches and marks; and other tools to protect overall site integrity.

Whether the data centre relocation process occurs at old factories, or new and luxurious sites such as banks and public foyers, our moving equipment provides excellent protection against any disturbance of the surrounding area. We also have specialist packing materials carried on all our vehicles. TecDis are prepared for every eventuality and can package cabinets on site for adhoc client requests.

Satellite tracking updates are available to provide live tracking of vehicles, as well as secured trucks for extra security for transport of high value goods. This enables customers to closely monitor the progress of their shipment.

With all the experience, knowledge and expertise available within the network, TecDis are the most advanced server courier available.

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