Demo Equipment Management and Inventory Control, Throughout Europe

As Europe’s most reliable high tech logistics network, TecDis offers complete care at every stage of product lifecycle. Our networks’ teams of equipment specialists clean, reconfigure, transport, install, maintain and recycle equipment of all types and sizes, across the entire continent.

We provide tailored services according to your needs. Demo equipment management is a part of our full range of value-added logistics services. To support the sales process of our clients we arrange delivery and set up of the instruments at the actual demo location. In hospitals, clinics and laboratories the equipment can be mounted on the bench ready to use. After the demo we would organise the removal and return to the storage location or forwarding to the next demo location.

Experienced inventory managers

Our experience include decades of optimising inventory control systems, ensuring that the client has full visibility of their demo inventory. Demonstration equipment reaches its destination on time and in good working condition.

While many other networks cannot support the final mile transporting of unpacked product through their networks, TecDis can comfortably facilitate this service for our customers, another example of how the TecDis network differentiates itself from its competitors.

Our expert handling and familiarity with each product allows us to appropriately set up machinery according to the precise specifications of its manufacturer. To provide extra security and care, our field specialists are trained to methodically follow our operations procedures. Any on-site issues which necessitate deviation are immediately escalated to the centrally managed control tower team for instruction on how to successfully navigate.

Our demo equipment services

We handle all types of demo equipment, from medical inventory management to other forms of high tech equipment for demonstration purposes. Our dependable transport and delivery service is ideal for handling medical equipment of all types across Europe, including instruments related to ultrasound, life care sciences, and life-care solutions.

We deliver the product to the precise location you request, whether it is a public or private hospital, exhibition centres or events hall. Each one of our members utilises specialist software for inventory control which allows convenient access for the customer sales team to view and select the available inventory. The system also provides a diary view, to see planned orders over various date ranges. This unparalleled visibility is helping TecDis be the benchmark for demo equipment management solutions across Europe.

TecDis has long supported Europe-wide demo inventory management requirements for customers. When not on display, we make use of the best place to store the product in central distribution centres, enabling customers to reduce their inventory value.

Experienced highly trained personnel

At every stage of the process, the expertise of our personnel is evident. We are highly skilled and trained to handle delicate products, this is achieved by periodic training with the manufacturers.

Specialist equipment / vehicles

Every movement of equipment is conducted with special equipment, including trucks designed to hold both large and small machinery in a secure fashion. An additional set of advanced tools is used to move each product carefully from truck to destination.

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