Technical Installation Solutions and Technical Delivery Services

The shared goal of the TecDis network is to provide a full-service logistics supply chain to our customers. To achieve this, at TecDis we have built a network of industry leading logistics experts. Each member within the TecDis network is the leading logistics expert in their respective countries; we can project manage and implement advanced installation services to the highest possible level whilst also ensuring compliance with local requirements.

With installation services making up a large portion of the TecDis service portfolio, it is good to make our customers aware that all of our members perform advanced installation services across their respective regions. Each member has years of experience and best practise knowhow across multiple sectors. It is this experience and dedication to quality that makes us industry leaders in providing technical installation solutions and supporting both large and complex technology installation services.

The specialist installations divisions of all our members can be used for a multitude of high tech equipment across varying degrees of difficulty and a range of fields. This capability covers sectors including:

Our engineers and installers are trained to follow our proven processes and procedures to ensure installations are done to the highest degree of quality, ensuring customer satisfaction.

In addition to our processes, the delivery installation specialists have years of experience, are all manufacturer-trained and certified to work on even the most advanced systems, whilst also undergoing continuous training to maintain skills of the highest level.
All of our partners have a proven track record in providing quality technical installation and technical delivery services. Together, we have consistently helped fulfil customers’ logistical and installation needs across Europe. This can always be done at the highest quality because the logistics companies under our TecDis network have invested in the best, most appropriate tools and specialist handling equipment to enable safe and quick installation of high tech equipment.

From power pushers to scissor lifts and stair robots, your technology will be expertly installed. The entire TecDis network will provide the technicians and installers with constant support to ensure any complications arising on site are eradicated in rapid time. All of our communications are passed through a central control tower, providing coordination every step of the way.


TecDis storage facilities are state of the art and have staging areas where the products can be worked on as soon as they arrive at our facilities. These facilities allow for in-house assembly installation services, supporting our customers to meet tight deadlines and ensure safe transport and delivery to even the most complex of sites.

We have proven and documented procedures that ensure all installations get completed exactly according to plan. At all our warehouses, we have test facilities so we are able to find any issues or faulty mechanics in our pre-checks, avoiding any issues or complications related to onsite installation. Our storage warehouses also have clean and anti-static rooms, guaranteeing all the high tech equipment will be stored in appropriate conditions, preventing any faults, accidents, or damage.

Transport to installation sites will also be safe. The logistics experts working within the TecDis network all have specialist transport vehicles rigged out, to be able to keep even the most delicate technology safe. With strapping points and padding, your high tech equipment will remain secure throughout the journey. TecDis has wide variety of specialist vehicles ranging from vans to large box sided vehicles with air ride suspension. So regardless of the size and complexity of your product, TecDis have the capabilities across the network to get meet and exceed customer expectations.

This arrangement allows us to provide unrivalled technical installation solutions. It is our commitment to detail, continuous improvement by our members and the highest skilled delivery installation specialists that sets us apart from other logistics companies or services.

Installation Services

  • Un-pack and placement
  • Removals
  • Full cable install
  • Pre-configuration by engineer
  • Assembly/Install accessories
  • Cartridges/Pen alignment
  • CSR module replacement
  • Customer data configuration
  • Additional software installation
  • Levelling/Testing
  • Power-ups
  • MRI / CT / X-ray / Radiotherapy (linacs)
  • Mobile x-ray / Ultrasound
  • Low-voltage distribution networks
  • Mechanical & Electrical Communication Equipment Rooms
  • Customer Information Systems (including help points, PA systems and CCTV)
  • Other Station Electrical Services
  • Ticket Vending Machines & Barriers
  • HVAC
  • Platform Shelter lighting
  • SCADA installations

Specialists in handling

Specialist in handling and installing customers sensitive, fragile, high value and awkward/difficult to move equipment.

  • Power equipment (switchgear, transformers and rectifiers)
  • UPS and batteries
  • Communication racks
  • Public Information Displays
  • Signalling Equipment
  • Ticket vending & barriers
  • Other Transactional equipment (ATM's)
  • Rack mounted servers
  • Large screens
  • Industrial imaging equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Copiers

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