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Warehouse Storage and High Tech Warehousing across Europe

TecDis is a network of specialist logistics providers. With our network of high tech logistics experts all around Europe, we are able to provide specialised warehouse services. Every logistics member receives continuous support from the network, ensuring your logistical needs are completed on time.

All of our members within the TecDis network are logistics leaders in their respective countries and are therefore familiar and knowledgeable on the specific requirements of each country. This, combined with the years of experience we have with transporting and storing various product ranges, allows TecDis to provide specialist white glove storage solutions for all high-tech equipment.

High-tech warehouse services

Forming the most comprehensive network of logistical experts across Europe, TecDis provides warehouse storage solutions for various products across the continent. We provide storage for everything from IT data servers to medical devices and other high tech equipment. Our members’ high tech warehouses comply with all the latest ISO accreditations and other specialist requirements which are needed to keep the equipment safe. This is because our warehouses are equipped with:

  • Technical centres
  • Anti-static rooms
  • High-level racking
  • Test facilities
  • Pre-staging facilities
  • High security standards

The TecDis network also uses different specialist vehicles ranging from vans to 40ft trailers for larger products. The vehicles are designed and optimised for logistics with air ride suspension, high capacity tail lifts, as well as hard bodied loading areas with strapping points and padding to keep the equipment safe during transit. The largest vehicles make logistics easier for everyone, especially our customers as they carry over sized equipment; therefore, large, delicate assets can be transported and stored in one piece.

With multiple locations and high tech warehouses in each country, TecDis offers a variety of contract warehousing and logistics services. From simple short or long term storage for your sensitive equipment, to more comprehensive services including inventory management, our high tech warehouses are designed to exceed customer expectations.

An important aspect of any quality white glove storage service is an efficient warehouse management system (WMS). As with the rest of the technology contained in our warehouses, the TecDis network uses the most advanced WMS software. Our WMS enables us to deliver better warehousing services by allowing visibility of your inventory and location at all times.

A comprehensive warehouse service comprises more than the simple storage of items. At TecDis we also provide specialist packaging services for your unique products. We have vast experience when working with large, fragile and valuable products; and have developed both efficient and cost effective methods for crating and packaging such items.

We specialise in using the right type of packing for your high value products as well as using the right resources to ensure your products are safe and secure, whether in storage or transport.

As you would expect from a leading logistical provider, we also offer more general packing services in the form of pick and pack, helping the end client to receive their desired products in a timely fashion and in the correct manner.

For a pick and pack service to run smoothly, high level coordination is required. All communications under the TecDis network transmit through a single multilingual control tower. Moreover, the advanced WMS system allows us to easily coordinate and organise Europe wide operations. This allows TecDis to process large amounts of orders in the shortest amount of time, making TecDis the perfect logistics partner for your pick and pack requirements.

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