Pre-staging and configuration capabilities – Hardware Decommissioning

The TecDis service portfolio is not limited to services which are only performed at customer site. The pre-staging and configuration services we offer to customers help to complete essential product configuration and maintenance tasks prior to arriving at the customer site. In-house technicians carry out a number of tests such as dead on arrival (DOA) tests, helping identify and eliminate faults and make customisations before delivering and installing at customer sites.

We ensure customers have fully functioning product delivered into them when requested to perform pre-staging activities. Additionally, this process also helps to reduce the actual installation time on site thus reducing logistics costs in the supply chain. TecDis can provide dedicated technicians to support our customers’ engineers or reconfigure entire rollouts.

For a number of the leading manufacturers in high tech industries, TecDis members and their engineering teams receive widespread and detailed product training which enables us to perform advanced services supplementing our customers own engineering pool. This supports our customers to be able to meet tight deadlines when rolling out new product lines, as well as keeping up with periodic maintenance schedules.

Warehouse facilities

Technical and high tech storage facilities are essential for the essential specialist handling, technical configuration and storage of high tech equipment. Our network provides these characteristics in abundance, with TecDis members owning specialist warehousing facilities across Europe. Each of these can store, handle and manage servers, racks, components, medical devices, and other high-tech equipment across multiple business sectors.

It goes without saying that high-tech equipment must be stored in a secure environment. From 24-hour security to controlled environments, our members’ warehouses are especially equipped to do this. They are installed with advanced WMS technology, clean and anti-static rooms as well as storage temperature control. The warehouses also have staging areas and mock-up facilities where engineers can perform value added services such as decontamination and license updates prior to redeployment. Across our member network, TecDis has specialist warehousing facilities with the following facilities:

  • Technical centres
  • Anti-static rooms
  • Clean rooms
  • High-level racking
  • Test facilities
  • Staging facilities

Our comprehensive services

A large part of our business is supporting Healthcare customers manage their demo inventory pool, this service has grown increasingly over the years as customers continue to hear of the great support we provide our customers, along with the cost saving opportunities our experience enables us to introduce.

All products that come into our control are asset tracked and logged into the WMS system. Parent and child configurations are created in accordance with customer product training guidelines, enabling us to work accurately when picking and packing customer order configurations.

When the demo lifecycle finishes and the product is returned to our high tech warehouse, inventory control checks are performed against the Bill of Materials (BOM). This checklist helps us maintain inventory accuracy against the number of items within the configuration, whilst also enabling the engineers to escalate to the customer when products have been returned faulty.

Whether it is managing demo products or monitoring shared toolkits to be replenished and shipped to meet engineers across the continent, TecDis has the skills, knowledge and flexibility to find a solution to match your requirements.

Highly skilled and trained to manufacturer level

TecDis works closely with leading manufacturers to ensure our staff are fully product trained and skilled for logistics management. Many of our engineers and installers are sourced from manufacturers, so they bring substantial knowledge and experience to TecDis projects. All of our staff have passed pre-employment screening, had their criminal background records vetted, and are trained to maintain rigorous security procedures.

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