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Reverse Logistics Services Europe-wide

A lesser known phase of supply chain logistics includes the collection of goods and their reverse flow back from customer site to recapture value where possible or for regulated disposal. This is known as reverse logistics. TecDis works closely with our customers throughout the reverse logistics process to understand the product and plan ahead for specialist logistical requirements. As the leading European network for European high tech logistics, we provide value-added, end-to-end solutions to help businesses meet both their bottom-line and environmental requirements. This is all additional to providing customers with a reliable supply chain solution.

Reverse logistics covers the reuse of products and materials across all operations and industries. The TecDis network manages this complete process, collecting goods from their final destination for the purpose of adding value back into the customer’s ledger, or ensuring disposal in accordance with the regulations.

Our experience helps us to determine the packing requirements so that we can pack the product on site and manoeuvre the product out of the building onto the vehicle for safe and secure transportation.  Once on the vehicle, specialist corner boards and strapping are applied which ensures greater protection during transit, this is a key component of our network and differentiates us from other logistics providers. Our reverse logistics services include:

  • Decommissioning
  • Re-packaging
  • Swap out
  • Asset management
  • Refurbishment
  • Removal for resale
  • Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) disposal


We have a wealth of experience in the collection and processing of professional and industrial equipment, carrying out environmental best practice at all times. We work diligently to streamline the release of collected products onto containers or onto one of our vehicles to be sent back to the recycling plant.

While stored in our secure and controlled warehouses, we ensure valuable material is extracted prior to re-entering the raw material supply chain. Our recycling processes are environmentally safe and comply with the European Union’s WEEE directive. Each TecDis partner holds a waste carrier's licence and will track all asset movements to help our customers comply with audit requirements.


TecDis partners can deliver refurbished equipment to new locations, carrying out re-installation at the point of use. Our professional staff deploy appropriate skills and technical expertise in the handling of products outside their original packaging. This often involves the design and implementation of bespoke logistical operations for large volumes or one-off solutions.

Field asset recovery

Our members manage the physical recovery of customer assets from their point of use back to a secure storage location. Each unit is graded to be reused, refurbished or shipped for environmental disposal. We offer data wiping services on any storage media with complete traceability throughout the process.

End-of-life disposal

All TecDis members are knowledgable at recycling electrical and electronic products. Through our reverse logistics services, we help clients to recycle packaging and defective materials. Furthermore, TecDis believes this responsible approach to waste management can help companies to project a positive responsible image to their customers and society. Because we are experienced in the collection and processing of both professional and industrial equipment, our customers can rest assured that their waste disposal adheres to environmental best practice at all times.

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