WEEE Recycling and IT Equipment Disposal

TecDis is a network of high tech logistics leaders across Europe. With our combined resources and knowledge, TecDis provides high quality, end-to-end logistics services, including both electrical waste and electronic equipment (WEEE) recycling.

At the end of the products lifecycle, technology; regardless of which field it is from has to be disposed of or recycled in the correct manner. When it comes to electronic waste including IT equipment disposal any company operating in Europe must meet strict EU-defined WEEE guidelines. TecDis members will dispose of all electronic waste in the correct manner complying with all WEEE regulations.

Each of our members across Europe is not only an expert around WEEE requirements, but they are also knowledgeable on the respective laws and requirements of their own countries. This ensures that every step in the recycling service offered by TecDis meets all WEEE and local benchmarks.

WEEE recycling services

Through many years of experience, TecDis has developed dependable methods for IT recycling and the disposal of IT equipment. We use our combined experience and shared resources to provide reliable electronic waste disposal.

Our WEEE recycling service does not stop with IT equipment recycling, as we can also provide this WEEE service for various electronic products from different manufacturers across the continent, including healthcare and medical machines, fitness equipment, and banking technology.

Our members’ comprehensive WEEE recycling services encompass more than simple electronic waste removal. These services include:

  • Working with our customers to understand which products need to be recycled
  • Careful planning for strategic onsite packing of electronic waste;
  • Securely loading and securing the equipment into our specialised vehicles; and
  • Scanning equipment back into our high-tech warehouses for storage.

At TecDis we care deeply about taking a sustainable approach to waste management, which is why WEEE recycling, refurbishment, and reuse of redundant technologies play an important part in our service portfolio. Through this approach, TecDis offers a value added, end-to-end logistics service which helps your organisation meet business and social requirements.

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