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3D Printer Installation, Setup and Assembly - The TecDis Network

TecDis is a network of leading high tech logistics providers across Europe. This network makes TecDis the most comprehensive full service partner to meet all logistical needs. Through the combined resources and experience of all our members, TecDis are able to offer a range of services. From small office solutions to large scale rollouts of new products and from pre installation to end of life reverse logistics, TecDis provides high quality services.

Print and imaging logistics

When it comes to office equipment installations, experience and product knowledge are crucial. Our partners across Europe have worked with many of the leading manufacturers in the printing sector, providing us with the experience, knowledge and expertise necessary to install and remove the full range of printing equipment found on the market.

We provide print and imaging logistics services for everything from office-based equipment, such as desktop and multi-functional printers (MFPs), to large equipment such as 3D printer assembly, and industrial printers. This experience means TecDis can deliver, unpack, install, and provide maintenance and other logistics services across numerous work environments. These include general offices, libraries, hospitals, and commercial print shops. TecDis has therefore developed a reliable end to end logistics service which includes the following:

  • Dead on arrival (DOA) checks, pre-installation services including, preloading software, and customisation of equipment to customer specifications
  • Unpacking, positioning and installing the printer or imaging technology
  • After the equipment is connected to power and LAN, our engineers will then provide end user training on behalf of the manufacturer where requested
  • Periodic on-site maintenance services and software updates
  • Reverse logistics services at the end of the equipment’s lifecycle including disposal in accordance with WEEE regulations
  • Providing large-scale rollouts within set periods

Whilst we have the full range of supply chain solutions within our logistics network, TecDis places huge importance on the need to deliver the highest quality services possible. This philosophy is especially important for print and imaging technology.

Specialist equipment for print and imaging technologies

Through their years of experience providing logistics services for print and imaging technology, one of our members, Rhenus Lupprians, developed and patented unique reusable pallets. The ‘Bobby Pallets’ are widely used across our network and allow TecDis members to provide safe and efficient  transport for both unpacked copiers and printers. Re-usability makes TecDis services more sustainable through the reduced use of packaging.  Additionally, available in four sizes with adaptable fixations, the Bobby Pallets can be adapted to fit all machine types from different manufacturers enabling TecDis to offer bespoke solutions to a multitude of customers.

Another element that defines our commitment to providing quality service is our continued investment in acquiring specialised vehicles and warehouses. Each one is fully customised to keep sensitive high tech equipment in perfect condition. The vehicles are equipped with straps, padding and corner protection, ensuring your equipment will remain safe throughout transport.

Our warehouses are equipped with technologies for the storage of print and imaging equipment in a clean and stable environment. This includes climate controls, anti-static rooms and clean rooms. Our warehouses also have staging areas, allowing TecDis to assemble and test equipment within the warehouse ensuring equipment is fully functional before being delivered to customers.  

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