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Vending Machine Logistics and Delivery Service

TecDis has a network of high tech logistics partners operating right across Europe. This far-reaching access across the continent and network of specialist resources allows TecDis to provide a high-quality, end-to-end logistics service to a large geographical area.

The extensive combined experience and resources of the TecDis network allows us to provide comprehensive coverage for gaming and vending machines logistics. As you would expect, this includes covering everything from pre-staging and configuration, installation and maintenance, to removal at the end of the lifetime of the machine.

To ensure coordination throughout the entire supply chain, all logistics series are handled by a centrally managed control tower team that monitors the movement of the machines throughout. Moreover, all organisational communication is handled via the control tower, removing chances of miscommunication and further strengthening our service offering.

Vending and gaming machines services

Our services in the vending and gaming industry cover various products from gambling machines to automated medicine dispensers. TecDis provides vending machine installation services for a multitude of machine types, including those for the pharmaceutical and catering industries.
This diverse experience has allowed us to develop a dependable method for gambling and vending machine logistics that can be adapted to any site, including but not limited to casino halls, leisure centres, petrol stations, and other public places. This gives TecDis the advantage over other vending machines moving companies.

Our refined methods allow us to complete large-scale operations quickly. TecDis recently supported a client in Germany to meet new government regulations, with a large operation performing the swap-out of thousands of gaming machines in just two months.

Our service begins when the machines arrive at our warehouses, where our engineers and technicians will perform all the necessary pre-staging and configuration services. Each of our members has expertise regarding the guidelines of their own country, allowing our technicians to ensure that the configurations comply with all regulations. This step can be completed at any one of our high-tech warehouses spanning Europe.

High tech warehouse facilities

As you would expect from a high-quality logistics provider, each of these warehouses has 24-hour security ensuring the safety of the machines when in storage.  The high-tech warehouses are also equipped with:

  • Technical centres
  • Anti-static rooms
  • Clean rooms
  • High level racking
  • Test facilities
  • Staging facilities

After our experts have checked the working order of the machines, they are prepared for delivery. TecDis staff are diligent and take precautions to ensure safety at every step of the process. Therefore, our vending machine delivery services are always implemented using specialised vehicles, which are optimised with padding and straps to handle and transport even the most delicate assets.

The fleet ranges from small vans to large trailers, allowing for varying sizes of vehicles increases the flexibility of our logistical services by removing the need for disassembly of larger products. The machines can each be put together at the warehouses and shipped in one large piece direct to customer site.

Once ready for installation, the old machines will be swapped out and taken away. Our engineers provide periodic maintenance and software updates to keep them in proper working order. As you would expect from an end-to-end logistics provider, however, our service does not end there. At the end of the machine’s lifetime, our experienced teams will remove and recycle old equipment while adhering to EU waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) guidelines and the specific laws of the respective countries.

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